Introducing - NeoCode

NeoCode is a custom Neovim configuration I’ve made over the past year or so. It’s written in Lua, is super minimal, has great default keybinds, and is a breeze to modify if you feel like doing so.

Neocde gif of cursor flying around with animations

I’ve developed Neocode with ease-of-use in mind. My goal with the project is to make the transition from a traditional code editor (vs code mainly) as easy of a transition as possible for a new user. Neovim is a fantastic editor, it’s just one that takes lots of tuning and work to make awesome, and Neocode attempts to do all the wrenching and heavy work for you, leaving you a full-featured IDE with the best of modal editing that Neovim has to offer as well as a plugin ecosystem to match that of VS Code itself.