I finally made a Minecraft server!

I’ve been wating to do this for years and years! It feels so good to have finally done it.

I’ve invited some people on Reddit, and the server is becoming semi-active. We’re really having some fun on here, come join us!


View a realtime generated map of the server from multiple perspectives.

Server Stats

Status:  Online

Players: / undefined players online


How to Connect

The server is now it’s own modpack on CurseForge.

Get it here: CraftNectar Modpack

Linux Connection:

If you’re a Linux user (like me 😎) you can still connect easily using the Prism Launcher client. You can generally get it on any Distro using Flatpak. Just click new instance, click the CurseForge tab, then search for “CraftNectar”. Just click install and you’re good to connect!

Some Important Notes


I have dumped TONS of time into making and maintaining this server - if you’ve enjoyed your time on the server, a donation would be HIGHLY appreciated and will go twards better hardware for the server as I maintain it myself! No hosting packages here! This is a home-grown server.

Anything helps!

The server url is:

Features / Plugins