I finally made a Minecraft server!

I’ve been wating to do this for years and years! It feels so good to have finally done it.

How to Connect

The server is compatible with the following clients:

Windows & MacOS

Use the Curseforge app or FTB (fead the beast) app to download the client needed (better minecraft 3 v1.19.2) to connect to the server


On Linux, setup is a bit more involved. Here is a short rundown on how I got it working:

  1. Install Feed the Beast app and multimc5 We will need FTB to get the modpack and multiMC5 in order to launch the modpack

yay -S ftba multimc5
  1. Open FTB app and click browse
  2. Switch the tab to curseforge
  3. Search for Better Minecraft 1.19.2
  4. Download modpack
  5. Once done, click the 3 button menu on the install to open the folder for it. Leave this window open for later.
  6. Open multiMC and create a vanilla 1.19.2 instance
  7. Launch the instance once. You will have to provide your account info.
  8. Close the game once launched, then use multiMC to open the directory for the vanilla install
  9. Using the window from step 6, drag and drop all the files from the FTB instance into the vanilla instance folder. Overwrite all files.
  10. Click edit instance in multiMC and under version tab click install Forge and select v43.1.57
  11. Be sure to give the instance PLENTY of GB of ram in order to play correctly

You can get the modpack from here: here

Some Important Notes


This server expensive, dawg 😵‍💫

Anything helps! here

The server url is:


This server instance is running Better Minecraft 1.19.2 [Forge]